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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pastries from heaven

Your father heads in your dwelling in Ramazan-e-Kareem at the time of Iftar,you are carried away by a surge of ecstasy not because you get to see your father ,but because you get to see a packet of tantalizing jaleebis in in his hand.You fetch those jaleebis and cease when a thought dawns upon your mind:
               ''Hey hold on!You are observing a fast''.
The jaleebis can be envisaged as the 'Pastries from heaven'' in the holy month of ramazan.At the time of dusk,you break your fast with a date and bring your appetite to a halt with mouth ladened with jaleebis.There is a blindest bit of difference between jaleebis and mosquito coil; the only distinguishing factor is mosquitoes scamper from coil and humans hanker after jaleebis,however,a sweet lavender smell is exuded from both when they are smothered.
 The cooking oil manufacturing companies and firms earn quadrupled profits in the auspicious month of Ramazan,because the amount of oil guzzled by jaleebis while being cooked is phenomenal,this substantial quantity is passed inside the human body in the form of fats,plummetting their mileage and ballooning their body.However,it also covers up the energy lost during the period of fast.If there is any research to be consummated by scientists on a food product; that food product is supposed to be jaleebi.As a repercussion of scientific research jaleebis will earn adulation and international fame, and Pakistan will experience favourable balance of payments,because Pakistan will be exporting jaleebis to each and every country abroad,it will acquire foreign exchange in return.
The Pakistan can then use the money earned through favourable balance of payments and use it to repay the loans from IMF and World Bank,so producing jaleebis and atomic/nuclear bomb are two major sources of strength for Pakistan.The jaleebis can be utilized as a pulverizing weapon by Pakistan to quarrel with foreign archenemies.Albeit,jaleebis would not create a bang yet,the state can admonish its foes that if it adheres to the unafflable attitude with Pakistan,the state would supply jaleebis to the local public of that opponent country.In case if the public is confronted with a plate full of jaleebis,the public would not be able to immune themselves from pigging them out-this will fatten the public of that country.They would attain bovine attitude making them haggard looking.Then public because of dilatoriness would have to abhort all their activites and jobs-this means their country would produce less and it will experience economic downturn,plunging their country into deep recession-miracle of jaleebis.
 So,the stupefying results of jaleebis are tantamount to the repercussions of atomic or nuclear bomb.Somehow the jaleebis bags the title of an ''Eco-friendly stratagem'';it is where the nuclear/atomic bomb fails.The nation of Pakistan has to understand the worth of jaleebis in this holy month of Ramazan.

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