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Monday, July 20, 2009


In order to create cinemas first look at the giant building of schools,colleges and universities.Demolish these buildings and construct cinemas.Many students run away from studies let them manage cinemas.Some people would have to sacrifice their studies in order to bring a revolution in Pakistani film.Lollywood is facing a constant deterioration in its standards.Probably because their is a sole man ownership:the director and producer is the same person,who has also written the story and screenplay.They have kept very nightmarish names of their movies,such as,''Channah suchchi muchchi,Haseena 20 20,Channay kay khait main’’.It seems like games played by small children.These horrible names scare the audience;the thought that dawns upon their mind is indescribable.It might be similar to Punjabi Folk horror movie.'',Chanay kay khait main-What happens there! Remains a mystery.Haseena 20 20-What is she trying to say? Probably,she is the first women telling her age.This is the reason that in these cinemas only rickshaw and taxi drivers visit not to watch movies but to sleep in the dead silence-a lucrative sleep which they can not avail at their house because of the presence of their witch(wife).
The minimum budget in Pakistan to create a movie is 2 khokay means 2 crore.So,the best solution is that a graduated(because the graduated human being has maturity of thoughts) story writer should approach a business tycoon of Pakistan,such as Aqeel Kareem Daddy,and must ask him to donate 2 crore.The directors of dramas and telefilms will flock towards money.The film should cast Nawaz Shareef as its hero-only on the condition the he wears a wig of Elvis Presley,Shah Syed as the Pashto heroine and there should be no villain.It will be a romantic story more likely to be a counterpart of 'Titanic'.Imagine Nawaz Shareef and Shah Syed making the pose of Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as they did in Titanic movie.In case of loss Aqeel Karim Daddy won't care he would think as if he had paid for the flood victims.To insure against loss the movie can be sponsored by Amrus Candy and Chooran Chatni.Then as a result it would earn an Oscar Award without being nominated.And finally the families will divert their attention towards cinemas making our film industry earn its lost identity back.
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