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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Food OH Food!!!!

Fortunately,it has become quite clear that one can not trust another person but,but when it comes to food people are adamant on the issue of trust.Someone who is having pangs of hunger and haplessly confronts with a small bakery,he/she would jump out of the car and would in land in the bakery in order to fetch baked cake or pastry.Even a small bakery in topsy-turvy state may prove as a paradise.But as more customers are aiding these small scale businesses to burgeon their sales turn over the more they are working against the interests of the consumers.A couple of days back some officials from electronic media broke in the manufacturing section of a bakery located in the rich suburb of Karachi called 'Tariq road'.The food inspector from quality control department of Karachi was flabbergasted when interacted with the conditions under which food was manufactured.The employees wore the same clothes as their night suite(Shalwaar Qameez).The workers under international food manufacturing laws are ordered to take a bath and then wear rubber gloves.But in that bakery state-of-the-art ways were launched,that is,to manufacture food according to the whims and fancies of the workers,they did not take a bath neither wore gloves.That small room was painted some centuries back.To the employees the substantial spider webs in that room were eco-friendly.There laid some trays of 'Qalaqand'(a scrumptious Pakistani sweet),it was facing the toilet's door which was opened.These bakeries on one hand help house-flies to forget people's house and make the sweets and cakes their abode.The mouth watering food becomes eye watering.More than 50% of catering services cook food in the worst conditions and the fat is in the fire when the cheap food food colours are purchased which hits the inner organs of human beings as the rugby players hit each other and the result is malfunctioning.Poo street hawkers are accused of manufacturing poor quality of food.However,mostly people know about all the multitalented ways of food production mentioned above,yet they do not call to complain the food inspectors just to save the credit balance of their cell phone.The food inspectors do not receive any complain from the citizens thus they sleep as they have nothing to do.The government mistakenly established the system of quality and control department of food and stiff-necked citizens of our state do not feel incumbent upon them to contact them.

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